The beavers’ sanctuary

Nature Reserve encompassing approximately 4.000 ha was created in 1970 with the aim of the beaver species protection. Explore huge beaver-felled trees, making a really tremendous impression. Beavers cut them down to build dams and lodges, reaching up to 3m of height and approximately 20m of circumference. Beavers were observed on the Pasłęka River as early as in 1926. German publications mentioned beavers again in1937 (Hunting Yearbook 1937/1938). These were Canadian origin beavers,  escaped free from a private farm. During World War II some European beavers, caught alive by Germans in the occupied Eastern Europe, were released to the area of the present reserve. In the late 1990’s the size of the beaver population was estimated for approximately 160 individuals. Protection zone covers the entire Pasłęka River, from its springs to the borders of Braniewo, including the Lake Sarąg, Sąg and Pierzchalski Lagoon.