The Nature Reserve of The Springs of the Łyna River named after professor R.Kobendza

approximately 25 km from WARMIA PARK hotel in Pluski

The springs of the river you can find between villages Łyna and Orłowo. This is exactly where a landscape and erosion reserve, area of 121 ha. was created. Outflow of Łyna’s waters happens due to the contact of impermeable loam , originating from the Miocene, with postglacial sands . The sanctuary area is mostly covered with 120-140 years old riparian forest.  Partially it is covered with mixed forest with pine, spruce, birch, aspen, oak, hornbeam and maple, creating a picturesque, often mystery spot. The inhabitants of the reserve include roe deers, stags and mooses. The occurance of invertebrates’ rare species, such as water mites, caddis flies, perla marginata, mayflies, makes the area even more unique. 
For the convenience of the visitors, there were built some stairs and catwalks to facilitate the walking tour and ease watching numerous small streams dripping out the loams. The reserve makes an excellent destination for a bike route.