Lake Pluszne

is one of the cleanest lakes not only in Masuria, but in the whole of Poland. As one of the very few lakes offers great opportunities to dive, being quite well known between numerous divers throughout the country. One of the most attractive places on Lake Pluszne is Moon Lagoon. Lake Pluszne is one of the biggest lakes of Olsztyn Lake District. 

There are three islands on the lake: the biggest, tree-covered, area of approx. 4 ha. and two other little, low-lying and  bald islands, surrounded by thick rushes.  The lake is hiding even more mysteries such us concrete bombs or wrecks of military planes. A small rush-covered island, located in southern part of the basin, used to be a target for concrete bombs during World War II. German bombers were dropping them from the nearby military airport in Gryźliny. Another mystery is Junkers of Lake Pluszne, a wreck of a German bomber Ju-87  got out from the bottom of the lake in the 50’s. Three more wrecks of military planes were found by the divers on the bottom of Lake Pluszne and nearby Lake Łańskie.