Hotel on the lake Poland, Masuria

Where Warmia and Masuria meet

Pluski in Warmia and Masuria, where WARMIA PARK hotel is located, is an exceptionally beautiful village, little yet able to accommodate many Guests looking for escape from the hustle and bustle of city life in the summer. It is situated on Lake Pluszne,  one of the cleanest lakes in Poland, in the Napiwodzko-Ramucka Forest, within the nature protection area included into Natura 2000 network.

The region of Warmia and Masuria offers variety of numerous all-year-long and seasonal tourist attractions, both for adults and children (tourists attractions, natural attractions, architectural attractions, cultural attractions). One can experience here a close encounter with nature, such as cranes gathering for the fall migration or beavers in a beaver reserve alongside the Pasłęka River. At the Łyna River’s source you can observe how a river is being born. You can also admire falling stars in The Olsztyn Planetarium.

Historic border between Warmia and Masuria expand

The historical border between Warmia and Masuria runs alongside the River Pasłęka (German name Passarge), to the south of village Gryźliny and Lake Pluszne, and directly through its offshoot,  Lake Little Pluszne. Warmia and Masuria are two historical regions showing  more differences rather than  similarities in the past. The name of Warmia originates from Prussian  words "Wormyan" or "Wurmen", meaning red color. So “Warmia” means red soil. The name of Masuria came into existence as late as in the first half of 19th century.

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