Weekend with a child in the countryside, hotel Poland in Pluski

Nature, fun, quality time together.in Warmia and Masuria

It is doubtless that the kids are the most important for us and we do our best to make them happy and always smiling. The real connection with the children and the time you spend together with your family are the most precious value. Pamper yourself and your beloved ones with blissful idleness in the countryside in the WARMIA PARK hotel in Pluski (Poland), in beautiful Warmia and Masuria.

Family time expand

Free time seems like a luxury nowadays. So note, time comes to a standstill in Pluski! Here you will get the time to celebrate the meals together with your family, to bake cakes or grill sausages over a fire together with your kids, to run bearfooted on the grass, to pick some wild flowers, to find the heralds of spring in the woods, to go on a bike trip across the Napiwodzko-Ramucka forest. After such a day you will have excellent night sleep.

To play becomes a duty here expand

Today’s children do not go out to play in the yard anymore. They run from one extracurriculum activities to another. In WARMIA PARK the time to play is unlimited!

If your children like water, you can splash around in the water park hours and hours or to spend time on the lake instead. You will get there on a bike or following the lit track across the woods. You can choose active leisure pursuits on the court, footbal pitch or in the play yard. Either outdoors or inside the facility, the ways to entertain seem unlimited, for both adults and kids.

Nature – an antidote to the virtual reality expand

The heart of the Napiwodzko-Ramucka Forest in Masuria makes the best place for your kids to play free in the natural surrounding, getting the opportunity to discover the world by all the senses. Enjoy the sunset, star-filled sky, try to recognize a bird singing on a tree branch, delight in the scent of wild mushrooms or freshly cut grass, try aromatic freshly picked raspberries .

Arise an observer and explorer in your child. Nature trips let the kids from the early age to gain knowledge about all what lives, inhabits, sings, grows up or blooms in the woods. To see something really interesting, requires peace, silence, time … In a small family circle, when you do not have to urge anywhere, you can lie in wait for an hour in bush just to see a roe deer. You can comb the grass on a meadow inch by inch looking for a blooming orchid.