Restaurant Poland Olsztyn

Restaurant WARMIA PARK hotel Pluski

No doubt, eating is one of the biggest pleasures in the life and celebrating family meals doubles that pleasure. In WARMIA PARK hotel restaurant Pluski near Olsztyn (Poland) we take special care of the delights to the palate.

The restaurant serves an exquisite à la carte menu, while colorful drinks taste the best in the music club. “The Pine Glade” is a stylish diner serving mouth-watering pan fried fish.
At “Under the Mushroom” one can try grilled sausages, Warmian potful and apple drop scones proverbially melting in the mouth. Aquabar is a casual place, where one can try home-made hamburgers, cheeseburgers or tortillas with chicken and veggies - children (and not just children) love them!