Hotel with water park Poland, Masuria, Pluski

WARMIA PARK - great no matter of the weather

The hotel WARMIA PARK in Pluski (Poland) and its surroundings offer numerous attractions starting from 3-level water park inside the complex, extensive offer of SPA and Wellness treatments, through a music club till several attractions for our youngest Guests.

The Napiwodzko-Ramucka forest, surrounding the complex, as well as waters of Lake Pluszne create unique scenery for active leisure. Do not miss the opportunity to bask in the peace and quiet, to delight in the unique atmosphere of the region of Warmia and Masuria.

There is a water sports equipment rental company in Pluski – an absulote necessity in the Land of a Thousand Lakes. Golf amateurs  can find entertainment in the nearby Naterki on the golf course. During the winter one shall try a ski slope Kartasiówka.

Horse riding expand

Hotel WARMIA PARK is an excellent destination for all lovers of horses, both advanced horse riders and  the beginners. Pleasant disposition and docile nature of our horses make them perfect companions for horse riding across enhanting region of the Napiwodzko-Ramucka forest. Under the tutelage and with the help of our groom, you can explore the mystery nature of horses, yet indeed " will never explore the secret of the horse, it belongs to him and to nature ...". 

Service Price (PLN)
Horseback ride to the lake 70 (30 min)
Riding in the longe area 70 (30 min)
Riding in the paddock 60 (30 min)
Riding in the field with an instructor 130 (60 min)
Led rides 50 (15 min)
Private lessons 180 (60 min)
Rides in a sleigh (5 persons) 140
Sleigh rides (maximum 11 participants) 300
Rides in a tourist wagon (8 persons) 260 (60 min)
Rides in a sport cart (3 persons) 210 (60 min)


To read more about our horses – click here

Aqua Musicale expand

Aqua Musicale - relaxation with underwater music

Aqua Musicale session means psychophysical relaxation, deep body and soul relaxation, as well as the realm of exceptional aesthetic and cultural experiences related to the specially composed underwater music. Water salinity ca. 4% causes the effect of body remaining afloat, due to what we perceive music in the unique way, also through the skin.

Hours Price PLN
Sat 18:00 - 18:50 0,60 / min
winter and summer holidays, long weekends, national holidays
18:00 - 18:50

0,70 / min

Aqua Musicale - see the film

Bicycle routes expand

We would like to encourage active leisure lovers to ride a bike in Warmia and Mazury along marked paths. While cycling in the picturesque Napiwodzko-Ramucka Forest, which is a part of the European Ecological Nature 2000 Network and surrounds Lake Pluszne, you will discover the beauty of Warmian nature.

Bicycle routes are marked. There are both easy routes ideal for the whole family and difficult ones for the advanced cyclists.

While cycling you can meet a beaver in its sanctuary by the Pasłęka River, an European marsh turtle and flocks of cranes in their natural habitat. You can also see how the Łyna River “is born” observing its springs emerging from the ground.

Canoeing expand

In summer, if the weather is good, we would like to encourage you to go canoeing. We strongly recommend the River Marózka, where Karol Wojtyła (later pope John Paul II) used to go canoeing. The Marózka River delineates the border between Warmia and Mazury. There is Warmia on its left bank and Mazury on its right bank. No sounds of civilization and close contact with nature in its purest form is an unforgettable experience. While canoeing we have a chance to see a lot of animals in their natural habitat: roe deer, boar, red deer, moose and a lot of of birds (wild duck, swan, crane, heron, cormorant, grebe, buzzard, marsh-harrier, osprey, white-tailed eagle).

Soccer courts expand

You can play a professional soccer match on a grass pitch or simply enjoy running after the ball. Just nearby you can play basketball, volleyball and beach tennis.

Billiards expand

Enjoy playing billiards in a billiard-room.

Here you can also entertain playing table football.

Behind the closed door – Exclusive events expand

„Behind the closed door” is an offer addressed to the Guests valuing an intimate gathering at the saline pool.
Saline pool with the music played in the background makes an ultimate destination for the body and soul to relax, recuperate and regenerate.

Participants Rates Hours
Up to 4 persons 150 PLN / 1 h Thursday, Saturday 19:30 - 20:30
Up to 6 persons 220 PLN / 1 h Thursday, Saturday 19:30 - 20:30
6-10 persons 360 PLN / 1 h Thursday, Saturday 19:30 - 20:30
Glass of wine 20 PLN / person  


  • Exclusive use of saline pool (1 hour)
  •  Dry sauna and infrared sauna
  •  Glass  of wine at extra charge

Booking can be made at SPA reception - tel.: 89 519 53 60, email:

Water sports expand

Lake Pluszne creates excellent conditions for all sorts of water sports within all the seasons of the year – windsurfing, sailing, catamaran racing,  pedal boating, iceboating. You can lease water sports equipment at a rental company in Pluski.

Skiing, snowboard expand

In winter you are invited to Ruś (around 20 km away from Pluski). There is one of the best T-bar lifts on Warmia and Mazury  called “Kartasiówka”. There are three 280 m long ski runs, a ski rental and a ski school. The ski slope is lit and has a snow making system.

Golf expand

Golf lovers are invited to the golf course in Naterki located within a marvelous Warmian landscape. The golf course is 15km away from the hotel. The variety of the lie of the land makes the golf course very interesting both for beginning and more experienced players. Thanks to numerous natural and artificial obstacles the course belongs to the most interesting and the most difficult ones in Poland.

Fishing expand

There is an interesting fish pond in a tourism farm in Wólka Orłowska, nicely arranged with special places for fishing and a car park.