Conference menu Poland, Olsztyn, Pluski

Buffet menu, set menu, BBQ menu, outdoor pot cooking

We offer buffet menu, set menu, BBQ menu in the form of barbecue on “The Pine Glade” starting from 80 PLN/person and formal dinners starting from 140 PLN/person. Buffet menu is served for groups of 20 participants or more. Buffet serving duration - 2 hours (without specifying grammage per person). If the number of participants is below 20, we offer set style menu.

Complimentary still water with lemon is served with every meal.

We offer: buffet menu – 70 PLN/Person, set menu, menus for the groups of 20

Catering halls expand

Hall Number of participants
Restaurant   76
Banquet hall   90
Winter Garden   40
Music club 100
“Under the Mushroom”   90
Pine Glade 100