Water park Poland Olsztyn, Pluski

Water slides, outdoor jacuzzi, rapid river wąca, saline graduation towers, underwater aquariums, lovers' caves

Hotel WARMIA PARK in Poland with the 3-level water park in Pluski near Olsztyn is a place of relax and fun for the small and the big. This is where kids smile from ear to ear and adults become children again. We are very happy for that!

Swimming pools expand

  • sports pool 25 m long with three swimming lanes, ca. 28°C
  • recreational pool with hydro-massage, underwater coaches, lovers’ caverns, underwater aquariums, neck massages, water temperature ca. 30°C

Water slides expand

  • "Kamikaze" (yellow) – with an average slope of over 30%, 34 m long, extreme, over 12 years old
  • "Onion" (green) - 19 m, extreme, over 12 years old able to swim (the pool is over 2 m deep), named by our guests a barrel or cement mixer
  • "Anakonda" (red) – with a slope of ca. 11%, 104 m long, a mellow family slide, for all users
  • "Mountain stream" (grey) - two-stage water slide - 40 m long, the most mellow, for every one
  • a mini-slide for children in the paddle pool

Rapid river expand

Ironically called by our guest “Lazy river”. By appearance and stream resembles a natural river. However, with one basic exception – in our river even these who get cold easily will not get cold since the water temperature is 29°C. The current and depth of 1.10m make it a great attraction for children and everyone learning to swim (feedback of one of our dear guests might be a proof). While swimming you take the advantage of hydro-massage. The river is naturally connected with the swimming pool. We would like to encourage you to look for secret underwater passageways between the river and numerous water pools. Challenge lovers may swim against the current, which is not easy at all.

2 outdoor jacuzzi expand

  • jacuzzi with colour therapy – temperature of water - 36°C
  • saline jacuzzi - temperature of water - 36°C, salinity – 5%

Jacuzzi are situated on the Water Park terrace overlooking  the forest area. They combine health and pleasure in a perfect way. They are equipped with air and water massage nozzles. You can experience an unforgettable experience here even in extreme weather conditions, like in winter with snow and low temperature outside. On freezing days it is recommended to protect your wet head against cold. It is worth to put on a hat, ear muffs or use at least a bath towel.

Indoor jacuzzi expand

temperature of water ca 33°C

Underwater aquariums expand

with fish in the recreation swimming pool.  The fish inhabit also in our lakes of Warmia and Mazury, like for example roach or perch. We also have Japanese carp here.

Lovers’ caves expand

with mini-coaches for underwater massage. The lovers are separated by the water wall from the rest of the water park.

Mini-climbing wall expand

small but very difficult to climb from the water.

Offer for groups expand

Specially for organized groups we offer attractive terms of admission to the 3-level water park.  For schools we offer an excellent idea for giving unforgettable PE lessons  and active leisure in our swimming pool complex, as well as specially composed by the Chief menu at attractive prices.

Booking can be done: