Esthetic medicine Poland hotel WARMIA PARK Pluski, Olsztyn

Acne, cellulite, dark spots, scars, microdermabrasion, mesotherapy, hyaluronic acid, lifting

Esthetic medicine in WARMIA PARK hotel in Pluski near Olsztyn (Poland) means mainly the procedures targeted on skin ageing prevention. Generally speaking - minor, non-invasive procedures rejuvenating the skin, removing wrinkles or correcting minor beauty defects, negatively affecting our self-estimation. Esthetic medicine concentrates on creating and rebuilding the patient’s psychosomatic balance.

Prices expand

Treatment Price
Needle mesotheraphy face 500
face, neck 600
face, neck, shoulders 700
eyes 300
neck 300
buttocks 500
thighs 500
skin of the head 500
buttocks, thighs 1.350
Microdermabrasion 180
Microdermabrasion before another care treatment 130
Microdermabrasion + regeneration with the Modulated Lotti Microcurrents (MLM) + biostimulating laser 350
Express face lift „Face fitness” 350
Intensively stimulating, lightening and whitening skin treatment 290
Rosacea Peel 280