Massage, rehabilitation Poland, Olsztyn, Pluski

Rehabilitation treatments, classical massage, relaxing massage, spinal massage, spinal rehabilitation, physiotherapy, kinesis therapy

Recovery and recuperation doesn’t have to be inevitably associated with cold hospital wards. In the luxury environment of WARMIA PARK hotel in Pluski near Olsztyn (Poland) qualified experienced therapists with the help of the last generation equipment will take care of your health. In the pleasant atmosphere we offer professional rehabilitation therapy within the scope of spinal rehabilitation, physiotherapy, kinesiotherapy, professional care, consultations and individual rehabilitation plans. We specialize in massage: classical massage, relaxing massage, spine massage and more. You are the one to schedule your treatments.

Physiotherapy - prices expand

Treatment Price PLN
Galvanization 18
Iontophoresis 18
Diadynamic 18
Interdyn 18
Tens 18
Kotz current (Russian stimulation) 18
sEMG and sEMG plus electrical stimulation 18
Traebert current 18
Microcurrents 18
Electrostimulation 18
Ultrasounds 18
Phonophoresis 18
Laser therapy 18
Sonic therapy 18

Kinesitherapy - prices expand

Indications: spine rehabilitation, diseases and dysfunctions of motor organs, back pain, after cerebral stroke, after cardiac infraction, some respiratory system diseases, rheumatoid diseases, after surgeries 80 / 45 min

Hydrotherapy - prices expand

Treatment Price PLN
Power shower 30 / 10 min
45 / 15 min
Overall baths 60

Balneotherapy - prices expand

Treatment Price PLN
Peat 150
Fango wrap 150

Kinsio taping - prices expand

placing the tape of the properties similar to the human skin – using the body’s natural self-healing processes

20 PLN