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SPA treatment is successful if combines pleasing the senses with refreshing the spirit, and providing unique sensations. Our SPA philosophy consists on holistic treatment. Luxury SPA facilities combined with the healing touch and friendly smile of our therapists will turn every cosmetics treatment into a unique experience. In WARMIA PARK hotel SPA Pluski near Olsztyn (Poland) we are based on knowledge and experience from the area of science and medicine. Drawing on our and your experience we are trying to create newer and newer treatments and rituals.  Entering the world of SPA you will find  a whole range of cosmetic treatments, facials, body treatments, massages, bathing treatments, hand care and foot care (manicure, pedicure) and more.

Massages expand

MASSAGES are a key element of SPA offers. Healing touch of hands, relaxing power of hot stones or herbal stamps, oriental scent of massage oils deliver to the tired body peace and relaxation. Due to their characteristics, massages can be classified as relaxing, revitalizing, classical massages, massages of the world, healing massages, and shaping massages. 

Description Is a type of massage that focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue, providing relaxation, stretching and tension relief. The aim of Swedish massage is restoring proper muscle tension and breaking up muscle “knots” and adhesions.
Price / duration 270 PLN / 60 min
Description The treatment reliefs deep-seated physical stress from the muscles, offering full relaxation.
Price / duration 250 PLN / 60 min
Description Express yet effective treatment … just enough to help stretch the muscles and alleviate fatigue.
Price / duration 140 PLN / 30 min
Description Also known as lymphatic drainage or lymph massage, is one of the most effective treatments for lymphedema.
Price / duration 160 PLN / 30 min
Description Gentle and relaxing massage of the whole body from head to foot. Rhythmic and gentle movements of the masseur make all the accumulated stress to go away.
Price / duration 240 PLN / 60 min
Description The aim of this massage is to relax the face muscles, smooth the skin, improve firmness and reduce the typical signs of fatigue. It improves the flow of blood to the skin, which in turn leads to improvement of complexion tone, reduction of under eye dark circles and skin discolorations.
Price / duration 90 PLN / 25 min
Description This therapy involves the use of heated basalt volcanic stones and cooled marble stones. During the massage they influence the energy centers of the body, so called chakras. Combination of heated stones and proper massage technique is salutary for tired and stressed body, mind and soul.
Price / duration 260 PLN / 70 min
Description A treatment combining healing power of touch with unique properties of essential oils.
The contact of oils with the skin combined with French M.E.R. massage technique, causes an immediate relaxing reaction of the nervous system, guaranteeing the effectiveness of the treatment.
Prior to the massage you can choose from a wide selection of massage oil fragrances. Each essential oil has different therapeutic and healing properties.
Price / duration 250 PLN / 60 min
Prior to the treatment we recommend Thorough exfoliation
Price 50 PLN
Description A  Polynesian full body massage of dual therapeutic action, helping to break down all physical and mental blocks. At first the massage helps to relax the tired body. Achieving physical relaxation in turn, helps to soothe and relax tired mind and soul.
Price / duration 290 PLN / 70 min
Description This unique treatment involves the use of warm melted chocolate. Chocolate is an excellent source of energy and the most popular antidepressant. A chocolate massage offers excellent skin care, having moisturizing and rejuvenating effect on the skin. Moreover, the antioxidants  found in chocolate effectively slow down the ageing process of the skin.
Price / duration 260 PLN / 60 min
PANTAI LUAR - hot herbal stamps massage
Description A wonderfully stimulating and relaxing full body massage. Using that massage technique, the body is treated with cloth stamps filled with fruit and herbal components and soaked in olive oil heated up to 140 degrees.   
The massage kick starts the self-renewal mechanism.
Price / duration 390 PLN / 60 min
HAMMAM – peeling with massage in soap foam
Description The skin, pleasantly shrouded in soap foam, goes under thorough exfoliation with sisal sponges, performed on the pleasantly warm marble slab Hammam. Body exfoliation is followed by a full body relaxing massage.
Price / duration 250 PLN / 60 min
MASSAGE for two
Description A dual massage performed for a couple at the same time and in the same room.
Price / duration 420 PLN / 60 min
Prior booking required



A group of treatments responding to the daily needs of your skin. They offer gentle cleansing, nourishing, restoring well-being and beauty. You will feel your skin getting stronger, firmer and silky soft day by day.

LASTING NUTRITION - nourishing body treatment
Description Refreshing sea salt exfoliation treatment, followed with application of nourishing body butter, facilitates deep skin regeneration. It prevents dehydration, smoothes and softens the epidermis, while the subtle aromatic note highlights your mood.
  /body scrub + body butter application/
Price / duration 130 PLN / 40 min
CHOCOLATE & PISTACHIO CEREMONY - nourishing and relaxing  multiphase ceremony suitable for all types of skin
Description It regenerates, replenishes deficits of lipids and minerals.
  /pistachio body scrub + chocolate body wrap + pistachio cream/
Price / duration 250 PLN / 60 min
We recommend with the treatment A relaxing full body massage
Price / duration 120 PLN / 40 min
or Nourishing face half-treatment (within the treatment duration)
Description /body scrub + face mas + cream/
Price 100 PLN
EXOTIC COCONUT CEREMONY - a relaxing, nourishing ceremony providing remedy to dry and irritated skin
Description It efficiently regenerates, maintains the lipid , Vitamin C and mineral balance (iron, potassium and sodium), enhancing the hydro lipid barrier of the skin and preventing its dehydration.
  /coconut body scrub + coconut cocoon + pistachio cream/
Price / duration 230 PLN / 60 min
We recommend with the treatment A relaxing full body massage
Price / duration 120 PLN / 40 min
or Nourishing face half-treatment (within the treatment duration)
Price 100 PLN
Description A refined combination of gold, pearls and champagne is a key to maintain young look, silky smooth and radiant skin. Microelements of gold stimulate the collagen and elastin production, assuring this way skin firmness and elasticity. Champagne lets you feel dwelled in the world of luxury. Pearls enrich the ceremony as one of the ever craved symbols of excellence.
  /gold sugar body scrub + wrap of the Goddess’ Mask, champagne extract and pearls + nourishing cream/
Price / duration 270 PLN / 60 min
We recommend with the treatment A ritual bath in golden nectar (combination of golden  microelements with amber molecules)
Price 60 PLN / 20 min
or A lifting face ceremony
Description /peel + face mask + cream (within the treatment duration)/
Price 120 PLN
BACK RELAXATION - relaxing /warming up seaweed wrap for back muscles
Description A wrap of red and dark brown algae, enriched with green clay will relax tired and tensioned muscles. It alleviates tension and soothes pains. Its pleasantly heating warmth takes you into a state of deep relaxation.
  /back scrub + warm back wrap + nourishing lotion/
Price / duration 130 PLN / 40 min
We recommend with the treatment Classical back massage
Price / duration 70 PLN / 20 min
Description A truly exotic ritual taking you on an unusual journey to the land of relaxation and beauty. You will feel totally and utterly relaxed. The optimum response to the request for soothing, stress relief and relaxation. The main ingredients of the used products are Qi-Marine complex and lotus extract, having exceptional revitalization and  stress alleviation action.
  /sweet and savoury body scrub + milk bath + oriental massage + body wrap/
Price 430 PLN
The ritual consists of /sweet and savoury body scrub + bath + nourishing cream/ - 190 PLN

/sweet and savoury body scrub + body wrap/ - 240 PLN

Description An oriental cleansing treatment with volcanic mud. The ceremony takes place in a steam room. With the aim of cleansing and care, natural mud is applied on the skin. A Rasul room starts filling  with herbal scents, while simultaneously getting slowly, pleasantly heated. Rubbing the skin with healing mud during the ceremony results in strengthening the subcutaneous tissue, stimulating the metabolism and relaxing muscle tension.
  /mud wrap + body scrub + moisturizing/
Price 90 PLN / person


Body - VITALITY expand

VITALITY is a group of procedures based on therapeutic properties of seaweed, sea water and thermostatic action of mud. These treatments offer full body regeneration, remineralization, relieve from stress, release of tension.

SEA MINERAL EXPERIENCE - energy for the tired, a sea water wrap
Description After a thorough exfoliation with sea salt, your body is enveloped with a sea gel cocoon, nourishing the skin;  regaining the condition and élan. This rich in magnesium treatment strengthens vital forces of the body, thus is recommended especially for the stressed.
Contradictions: an iodine allergy.
  /body scrub + body wrap + cream/
Price / duration 190 PLN / 60 min
Description The ceremony combines the therapeutic power of tea extracts, rich in tannin and known for their antioxidant action polyphenols with a nutritive alga Spirulina. Together they contribute to the detoxifying wrap of deep power of penetration. High concentration of  oligo-elements enhances the hydro lipid barrier of the skin, and improves skin firmness and elasticity.
  /body scrub + body wrap + cream/
Price / duration 230 PLN / 60 min
For the treatment we recommend INSTANT PURITY - express face treatment with an instant effect of cleansing and mattefying the skin.
Description /face polish + face mask + cream (during the body treatment)/
Price 90 PLN


Body - FIRMING / TONING expand

The procedures are design to restore suppleness of the body, regain an attractive youthful figure. They base on micronized form of SPIRULINA algae, rich in iron, proteins, B-group vitamins. Recommended for local application on selected body areas with the aim to improve their biomechanical properties, to strengthen the skin’s elasticity and tone, to reduce stretch marks.

ANTI-AGEING ODYSSEY - a body firming ritual with a massage
Description An exclusive  well-being ceremony with the effect of rejuvenating and firming the skin of the whole body. Relaxation and stress relief during the relaxing massage takes you to the beautiful world of the sea upheavals. Refined  consistency of body scrub, wax and massage oil,  combined with sublime scents and vibrant colors of blue lagoons, sea pearls and coral reefs tops up the ceremony. A wellness treatment supporting the body firming therapy.
  /thorough exfoliation + body wrap + massage + cream/
Price / duration 280 PLN / 75 min
HIGH–PRECISION SHAPING TREATMENT - an intensive anti-cellulite modeling treatment with a massage
Description This high performance innovative treatment effectively tackles cellulite and unwanted curves. It improves elasticity and firmness of the skin. The treatment implements two technologies:
Oxy Active – reactivating tissue oxygenation to curb cellulite generating process at its source and Sculpt Active – improving firming in all layers of the skin. It acts in three dimensions on skin firmness  – increasing skin elasticity, density, and toning.
  /body scrub +  body wrap + concentrate + extract + massage + cream/
Price / duration 310 PLN / 75 min
ALGO-SLIMMING - immediate lipolytic action
Description A slimming, remineralizing and anti-cellulite treatment. It is based on  micronized sea algae, rich in minerals, vitamins and microelements. The treatment stimulates microcirculation, nourishes, hydrates and detoxifies the skin. It reduces stored fats, eliminates excess water from the tissues, improving skin’s firmness. Redukuje złogi tłuszczowe, eliminuje nadmiar wody z tkanek oraz poprawia jędrność skóry.
  /body scrub + body wrap + rubbing in a cream/
Price / duration 270 PLN / 60 min



A group of procedures and treatments aimed at body shaping. They are based on  a concentrate of micronized form of the brown alga LAMINARIA DIGITATA, characterized by the highest concentration of organic; easy to assimilate iodine. The objective of the treatments is to kick-start the metabolism, thus accelerate fat burning, detoxification, the elimination process of metabolic wastes. When received regularly and combined with a proper diet, supplements intake and moderate physical activity, they give surprisingly good results. Body wraps offer regaining harmonic body shape and inch loss. They sculpt and refine body shape, reduce cellulite.

TRIPLE-ACTION SLIMMING / PRESTIGE - a treatment with a triple action wrap
firming, slimming, re-mineralization
Description A cocktail of three species of seaweed with simultaneous effect of body refining, skin firming and detoxification is an optimum solution for all willing to drop few inches and regain ideal, harmonic body shape.
  /thorough exfoliation + accelerator + body wrap + modeling cream/
Price / duration 270 PLN / 60 min
Our recommendation with this treatment Triple Action Slimming Prestige body massage
Price / duration 100 PLN / 30 min
COFFEE BODY SCULPTING CEREMONY - slimming and anti-cellulite body ceremony
Description Effectively kick-starts the metabolism, destroys stored lipid tissue and strengthens the skin firmness and tone. Body care recommended for firm skin on different areas of your body (legs, buttocks, abdomen) as well as the whole body.
  /body scrub + body wrap + cream/
Price / duration 240 PLN / 60 min
CELLU` CONTOUR - anti-cellulite treatment
Description An innovative anti-cellulite programme, fighting against all types of cellulite such as aqueous cellulite, cellulite fat, fibrous and combined cellulite. It works on three different levels: prevents creation and accumulation of adipocytes, accelerates lypolysis, detoxifies, strengthens  tissue’s firmness. The treatment is recommended for women suffering from orange peel syndrome of different origin.
  /thorough exfoliation + body wrap + cream/
Price / duration 240 PLN / 60 min
We recommend with the treatment Manual massage techniques Cellu–Contour
Description They increase effectiveness of the treatment, re-sculpt and harmonize body shape
Price / duration 100 PLN / 30 min


Bathing expand

Baths are recommended to energize the body, to balance and soothe the soul and mind. Additionally to relaxing sensations, baths offer excellent conditioning and therapeutic action; hydrating, nourishing and soothing the skin.

Description One of the most common hydrotherapeutic treatments. The client is immersed in a bathtub with fitted air nozzles, producing an enormous amount of bubbles, gently massaging the body.
Price / duration 60 PLN / 20 min
„SEA BREEZE” - a regenerative and nourishing bath
Description Thanks to the content of magnesium, calcium, and mineral salts, the bath instantly regains well-being. It nourishes and revitalizes the epidermis, visibly improving its condition.
Price / duration 120 PLN / 20 min
Description The treatment is performed in a form of a dense spray of water or a fan shower, using a spray shower with very fine streams and needle shower  alternately.
Price / duration 30 PLN / 10 min


Manicure / Pedicure expand


Description nail shaping + polishing + cuticle work
Price 100 PLN
+ polish application 20 PLN
Description nail shaping + polishing + cuticle trimming + nourishing cream
Price 150 PLN
+ polish application 20 PLN
Description warm paraffin dip
Price / duration 50 PLN
Description foot soak + cuticle care + callous removal
Price 190 PLN
+ polish application 20 PLN
Description foot soak + cuticle care + callous removal + exfoliating scrub + cream
Price 220 PLN
+ polish application 20 PLN


Other salon services expand

WAXING services
Full legs 110 PLN
Upper legs 70 PLN
Lower legs 70 PLN
Bikini 60 PLN
Back / Chest / Shoulder 100 PLN
Upper arms 55 PLN
Underarms 40 PLN
Chin 20 PLN
Upper lip 20 PLN
Eyelashes & eyebrows tint
Full eye tint (eyebrow tint + eyelash tint + eyebrow shaping) 60 PLN
Eyebrow tint 35 PLN
Eyelash tint 35 PLN
Eyebrow shaping 20 PLN

Soft Pack expand

Some treatments are performed on the most luxurious warm-water couch Soft Pack. Your body is almost in a weightless condition during the treatment. The temperature causes that cosmetics are fully absorbed and you feel extremely relaxed. The heat makes the absorption of the cosmetics into the skin ten times more effective.

SPA brands expand


products and SPA treatments of this exclusive German brand are completely based on nature. You will find here an unrivalled selection of mineral and volcanic chalk, goat milk and goat butter, herbs, dried flowers and fruits from the best farming, natural nourishing oils, essential oils, natural sea salt and saline and much more.


a leading French expert in marine cosmetics, basing on marine components and plant extracts, uses beneficial qualities of sea flora and fauna, resources of seas and oceans, especially seaweed.


cosmetics based on seaweed derived products – natural, most precious sea components and extracts.
"The Sea, inexhaustible source of wealth, a synonym of health and life, inspires and fascinates us. United with nature and environment, we remain faithful to tradition, in harmony and accordance with the philosophy SANITAS PER AQUAM (HEALING THROUGH WATER). Unique products, splendid philosophy of body care and beauty care, representing holistic attitude …get to know to understand, understand to decide…".

Beauty Creation

"As from centuries women all over the world were using natural products to care for their beauty, well-being and to sustain youth”.


is a professional cosmetic brand following the latest trends of  Wellness & SPA. It is a complete wellness therapy providing the experience of extraordinary relaxation as well as rapid and visible effects.

Purlés  cosmetics and products for professional treatment are packed with priceless ingredients such us gold particles, pearls, champagne and caviar extracts, rice germs, alpine plants extracts, hyaluronic acid ,vitamin E, horse-chestnut fruits extract,  witch-hazel (Hamamelis Virginiana), argan oil, fruit acids, cranberry and orange extracts,  plant extracts from pineapple, passiflora, curcuma, ginger, pistachio oil, almond oil, mango, mandrake root.

„Laboratorial precision and advanced technology combined with magic of aromas seducing the senses constitute the essence of  Purlés, which guarantees spectacular beauty effects”.