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Aqua aerobic water park Poland, Pluski

Aqua aerobic just 18 km from Olsztyn

Water park in Pluski near Olsztyn (Poland) invites to separated saline pool for aqua fitness classes.

Aqua aerobics in a saline pool are recreational classes with music played in the background, with the use of several accessories, among others noodles, jog belts, weights or resistance dubmells, swimming boards and water gloves. These accessories not only make the classes more atractive, but first of all provide lightening, protecting the joins. Additionally water resistance increases the intensity of the exercise and massages muscles.  The exercises have strengthening and stretching effect, improve one’s physical condition and general  fitness level. They are recommended especially for persons suffering from spine pain.

Bathing in saline pools are one of the most important elements of  SPA-medicine, especially motoric rehabilitation.

Rates and operating hours expand



Ticket 70 min

40 PLN

  • aqua aerobic
  • dry sauna and infrared sauna


Operating hours

19:00 - 20:00