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Saline pool water park Poland, Pluski

Separated pool – water park Olsztyn

The saline pool is sectioned off from the surrounding water park area. It is equipped with a technologically advanced saline electrolysis unit, thanks to which the water in the pool turns into saline, valued also in medicine. Water salinity of approximately 4%, making the user to stay afloat.

Price expand

1,- PLN / 1 min

Activities expand

Activities available in the the saline pool area include:

  •  Aqua Musicale - underwater relaxing music sessions (SPA novelty in Poland!)
  • Night SPA - corporate evening events 

You can choose between saline baths, balneotherapy baths, rehabilitation baths, as well as music therapy and kinesitherapy.

Medical applications expand

Aqua fitness classes in the saline pool find application mainly in the motor system conditions. Additionally saline improves circulation, purifies skin, eliminates swelling and cellulite, provides relaxation, increases one’s resistance to ilnesses, soothes rheumatic or muscular pain, neuralgia.