Valley Health water park Poland

Therapeutic mud, fango, clay, oxygen therapy

Valley Health was created as an initial part of a project, we aim to develop gradually, to improve your health during the stay in our water park. The idea is to provide the opportunity to combine health treatments with water attractions.

Oxygen expand

Oxygen therapy is a therapeutic method consisting on applying increased concentration of oxygen in exhaled air. 

Exclusively for adults!

1,50 zł per minute (maximum 15 minutes)
acceleration of energetic level (more energy and joie de vivre), improved cardiac muscle's oxygenation and improvement of cardiovascular system (hearth's strengthening), detoxification and cleansing, stress relief sleepiness and apathy, feeling powerless, decrease of efficiency and concentration, mental exhaust, headache no more than 15 minutes
at a time, pregnancy, organ transplants, allergies, epilepsy, hyperthyroidism, respiratory failure, senile age, acute fever states, coronary heart diseases, post-myocardial infraction states, not suitable for children and persons under 18 years
of age

Therapeutic Mud Treatment, Fango, Clay expand

3-persons cave for body self-treatments

Price: 140 PLN/ 40 minutes / 3 persons

CLEANSING – full body scrub
TREATMENT – body mask
RELAX – on ergonomically shaped heated couch 
CONCLUSION – a shower

  Effect Indications  Contradictions
Therapeutic mud Fango analgesic,
anti-inflammatory and astringent, bactericidal and bacteriostatic, tissue regenerative
chronic inflammations, chronic inflammation of skin, muscular pain and arthralgia, detoxification, neuralgia, gynecological problems acute and sub-acute inflammations, joint inflammatory with degenerative changes, pregnancy, tumors, tuberculosis, open wounds, trophic disorders and skin inflammation, hypertension, post myocardial infarction syndrome, senile age, children below 7 years of age
Clay cleansing, antiseptic, absorptive, skin smoothing and toning, mineralization skin cleansing, detox, body care, macro- and micro-element supplementation pregnancy, tumors, tuberculosis, senile age, open wounds